These is a Master Closet, designed on area of 121 sqft. The units was designed in white gloss color for front drawers and doors. This area it’s so wide, which helped to build a spacious closet of 22 inches of depth and panels to the ceiling for more storage, 14 drawers, single and double hanging, pants racks in both walls, and closed area with doors for clothes and accessories that are used occasionally.
Also, many shelves for shoes, boxes, purses, and bags. The “L-shaped” shelves in the corners are the best way to make the most of all available space! A final touch of elegance are the handles and rods in gold color!

Custom Reach-In-Closet

Our client wanted a custom design for her little girl’s closet. So, this beautiful design, with lots of storage, adjustable shelves to change as the girl grows, and her clothes too!